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Massage Therapy is an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, and has proven beneficial for many chronic conditions, including low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunity suppression, infertility, depression, smoking cessation, skin conditions, and more. 

We specialize in therapeutic massage & bodywork to improve or correct soft tissue damage and promote healing and health management. We also offer traditional Swedish Massage, which promotes relaxation, peace of mind and wellness; as well as other massage modalities to individuals who want to get healthy and stay active & injury free.

We provide wellness services to individuals of every fitness level and support for you to reach your fitness goals.

 **Outcall service available inquiry for rates**

Call or e-mail for avaliability & appointments (214) 938-2119 or 180DFS@gmail.com


Massage Rates & Options:

Option 1: Traditional Massage

Basic 30 minute relaxation massages $55 (calms body, mind and spirit)  

Customize your Massage to meet your Health & Wellness needs.  Choose from the following enhancements:

Add 30 minutes                   $10

Add 60 minutes                   $20

Add Deep Tissue                 $12

Add Aroma Therapy            $12


Option 2: Specialty Massage

Sports Massage 30 min/$55   60 min/$80

Hot Stone          60 min/$95   90 min/$125

Trigger Point     30 min/$55   60 min/$80


Option 3: Massage Membership (Best Deal)

Your choice of any 60 minute massage at the discounted monthly rate of $55 also receive additional massages at a discounted rate. (See the membership page for details)


Option 4: Massage Package Rates

Relaxation (Swedish)

(4) 30 Min Massage   $165

(4) 60 Min Massage   $195

(4) 90 Min Massage   $225

Deep Tissue

(4) 30 Min Massage   $201

(4) 60 Min Massage   $231

(4) 90 Min Massage   $361

Sports or Trigger Point

(4) 30 Min Massage   $165

(4) 60 Min Massage   $225


Other Massage & Bodywork Services:

Carpel Tunnel MassageLight touch and stretching used to relieve pressure on the median nerve at the wrist segment 20min – $15 | 40min – $35

Hand & Foot MassageGentle massage to relax sore and tired muscles promoting balance & harmony.

20min – $15 | 40min – $35

Chair Massage Anti-stress treatment concentrating on the back, shoulders & neck 30min – $25 or $1per min

Full Body Stretching Enhance flexibility, range of motion and posture 30min – $45

 Special Occasions:

Massage party, on-site visits; pamper parties, baby showers, bachelorette party, corporate & charity events to provide affordable chair massages.


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